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If there's one thing I love to do, it's teasing a man. And I have so many weapons in my arsenal! There's my sexy voice, my dirty mind, and most of all, my innate ability to know just how a man's brain works! Don't you know that once a woman begins devouring you from the inside out, you are helpless against her? We only let you think you're in charge! But it's all a ruse, you were ours from the start! Just like a fly caught in a web, that poor little insect believes he has a chance and fights it's little heart out, keeping hope alive. But he was trapped from the beginning, just like you. What if I told you that there were multiple women hungry for control over your mind and cock, that we work together to keep you tightly bound in chains of lust? Not only that, but that it's a sexy game that you could play anytime! Would anything be able to keep you away from fulfilling your fantasy of being teased and titillated in delicious torment, drowning in the sweet agony of serving your Mistress? How could you resist? Why even try? Just call that sexy Dispatcher and tell her you'd like to play Pass The Penis, and surrender yourself to the bevy of beauties that are ready to build you and break you as you whimper and beg. We like you, little fly. Come to our web and maybe we'll let you leave.



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Spice up your Masturbation Routine with a Game of Pass the Penis Phone Sex


by Ms. Constance of

We offer so many different types of masturbation instructions and activities on our sites but one of the most fun ways to spice up your masturbation routine is to play a sexy game of pass the penis phone sex.


How long can you handle the teasing?


You choose how long and how many ladies you would like to masturbate for and this can be divided up in any way you like; 6 ladies for 10 minutes each, 3 ladies for 20 minutes each, or if you’re feeling really worked up go for as many ladies as you can handle jerking off for!


Pass the Penis Phone Sex: Who will you talk to?


This can be your choice of which Mistress you choose to have during the game or you can leave it up to our sexy dispatchers.

Having them choose can lead to an even more exciting round of pass the penis because you never know what masturbation Mistress is going to pick up the phone next!


Be Prepared to be Pushed


During a pass the penis game you will be speaking with different ladies, all with their own sexy masturbation instructions for you to follow.

You will find each lady will try to push you closer to an orgasm without actually allowing you to cum before passing you on to the next sexy Mistress.


Add Webcam to Pass the Penis


Why not add to the excitement of having more than one woman guide your masturbation session by adding webcam to your pass the penis game.

This way, each Mistress can not only hear you thrusting and pumping for her, but she can also see you jerking off! This gives us even more control to be sure you do not lose your load too soon!


Showing Off is Exciting


Being able to jerk off for more than one Mistress is very exciting; you are being exposed and paraded around like a jerk off toy, each ladies unique style adding to the excitement and knowing that several ladies know all about your masturbation habits can really send you into sub space and Masturbation heaven!


Pass the Penis Phone Sex is so Much More than Just Masturbation


Pass the penis phone sex can be combined with any fetish you like; you can choose to have a straight up masturbation pass the penis, or you can add humiliation, or cuckolding, or sissy training to the mix. Simply let the dispatcher know the theme of your pass the penis masturbation marathon and she will pass that information along to the ladies so they can really work you over!

Now that you have read all that you can do and how amazing pass the penis phone sex can be, are you ready to be shared, and to masturbate for multiple ladies, one right after the other? I promise you that it is a masturbation work out and something that you will not ever forget. Be sure to get your rest, because you are going to be spent by the time you finally get done being passed around- but trust me, spent in the best way possible!