Another Pass the Penis Party


Who doesn’t love a pass the penis party??

A couple of years ago, my friends and I decided to finish off our college career with a bang. We decided to have a Pass the Penis Cum as You Are party for all our male friends. It started out really small; just a few of us girls and three or four guys, but as we were planning it, word got out what we were doing and it grew…and grew…and grew.

We had done things like this before, you see. It all started with me and my best friend getting very drunk one night at a frat party and daring this guy we barely knew to pull down his pants and stroke his cock. It was so much fun and drew so much attention (we in the living room in the middle of the party!) that by the end of the night, most of the guys were all standing in a circle jerk.

It was so amazing to see that I think someone whipped out their phone and took pictures! Later, when we had all sobered up a bit, everyone got together and decided that playing Pass the Penis was so much fun that we had to do it again sometime.



Where to Have a Public Circle Jerk?


So we did. Over the next year we had several parties that were Pass the Penis themed. Each time we hosted one, the attendance was more than the one before. My friend and I had to find bigger places to hold the parties. It was a running joke that we would finally have to resort to renting a football stadium.

For this last one, though, we settled for someone’s large private residence. We thought about one of the local venues, but were afraid of the owners being unhappy with their meeting hall being used for what essentially boiled down to a public sexual performance. We could’ve kept it discreet, but that’s not the point of a Pass the Penis party, is it? No! We wanted to have a private place that was big enough to let everyone interested attend.


Grabbing Those Sleepy, Sexy Guys


Now that we had a place to have the party, we went about deciding the theme. That’s when we came up with the idea that it would be a Cum as You Are Pass the Penis party. It was a great idea, but how would we go about pulling that kind of thing off without all the guys finding out? It took a lot of planning and calling.

We had to let all the girls that wanted to attend know and give them a list of the guys that they were responsible for getting to the party. I was in charge of this as well as getting the catering done. It was a great deal of work, but I knew it would be worth it when I saw that line of sexy men all with their pants around their ankles and their cocks in their hands!

Finally it was the night of the party. Everything was in place. The buffet was set up. I had decided that a cold sandwich buffet would be best because the caterer wouldn’t set up any later than 9 PM and the party wouldn’t even start until 3 AM. My friends and I had our own list of guys to capture and get to the party on time.

We start out to gather the guys around 1 AM. I had already let anyone living with the guys on the list know that we were picking them up for a party. Some of the participants lived in the dorm, so all we had to do was go into the wing and pound on their door. This was an upperclassman dorm, of course.


Pass the Penis Party is a Huge Success


My friend and I eventually got our sleepy and bewildered cargo back to the party site. The trip was an adventure in itself. As soon as the five guys we had tumbled out of the van and saw that there was a party, they knew what was going to happen. They were thrilled and scampered off to the patio to join the fun.

All of the girls involved were hostesses and each one had been expected to come up with stroking games and assignments for each of the guys beforehand so she would know what to say when it was her turn in command of everyone’s cocks. One of the girls played naughty Simon Says. “Simon says stroke your cock three times and then stop stroking for five seconds.” The guys all loved all the games and assignments.

Everyone had a blast that night. The guys all stood in the circle jerk for hours while each of the hostesses gave the group instructions. It was a something that none of us will ever forget.