Double Your Pass the Penis Pleasure


Have you thought of doubling your pass the penis pleasure?

My sister and I are identical twins. We are the kind of twins that like to play tricks on people and have fun with our similarities. We enjoy looking alike, and we’re both pretty and popular which doesn’t hurt either. We’re both busty redheads with white skin and green eyes. The only difference we’ve ever been able to find is I have a small mole in my right in my pubic hairline. So you have to be in bed with one of us to be absolutely sure that we are who we say we are.


It’s Fun To Confuse People


We are very close, so when it came time for college, we attended the same one. Both of us decided to major in Psychology. We lived in the same dormitory in separate, private rooms. This, of course led to some fun confusion about who was who on our floor. I’ll even admit that I had my sister take calculus for me one semester.

I just couldn’t understand it and it was the last mathematics class I would ever have to endure. In return I paid her a week’s worth of tips from my waitressing job. I worked at a high end restaurant on the beach while my sister worked at a clothing store in the mall.

We had lots of fun our first year. We went as conjoined twins for Halloween and ate turkey and dressing for Thanksgiving in the tiny dorm kitchen with our friends the day before vacation. We were both elves for the dorm Christmas party. We drank way too much and had a lot of nights that we couldn’t remember.

We shared almost everything, except boyfriends. Our rule was to never play jokes where the men in our lives could be confused. The results would be, well…awful. But that doesn’t mean we are prudes. Both of us are very adventurous. This adventurous spirit led to one experience neither of us would ever forget.

It happened one night right before spring break of our freshman year. My sister and I had decided to slow down on the alcohol consumption to bring our grades up for the spring semester. While we weren’t failing, the fall semester’s grade point averages had not been what we had hoped for. We had both studied hard and so when we were invited to a frat party we eagerly agreed.


Frat Party Pass the Penis Games


We were not drunk that night. We went and had a really good time with a guy whose name I can’t remember now. He was very drunk and kept thinking that we were the same person and he was just seeing double or something. Throughout our taking advantage of him, he never fully realized that there were actually two of us.

We played pass the penis with him. We helped him undress after we got him back to his room. Naked, we pushed him back until he flopped onto his messy, unmade bed. I would kiss him and stroke his cock awhile and then my sister would take over. A few times we would touch him together at the same time. His drunken comment to this was, “My God, you’re an octopus!”

We both laughed and rolled our eyes at each other. He was a really cute and silly drunk. We began to talk in unison just to freak him out. We went slowly and stopped stroking his cock now and then, just to make the fun last. At last, we let him cum. He was asleep almost immediately. We both snuck out of the room and left the party unnoticed.

I remember that we were so amazed at what we had done. My sister and I laughed about playing “pass the penis” over and over. We saw “the penis” on campus a few weeks later. He stared at us openly, blankly, as if trying to place where he’d met us. Then recognition dawn all over his face and his face turned white then red.

He walked quickly away. It didn’t take us long to know we wanted to play that game again. We told a few friends and now there are four of us who pick up some unsuspecting guy at a bar on any given Friday night, and then ask him if he wants to have some fun with the four of us. The answer has always been yes. We are now legends around campus.

All of us have men doing anything to get our attention from openly propositioning us to passing us notes through mutual friends. We have a rule to never say yes to anyone who asks us. We want to pick the lucky penis to play pass the penis. Who knows? The next one we choose to play pass the penis may be you!


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