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Pass the Penis Erotic Stories


Below are some erotic stories for your perusing pleasure. We hope you enjoy them!


You’ve probably heard about our kinky jerk off game, pass the penis. It’s where you and your cock get passed around to two, three, or more lovely Enchantrix Mistresses. Read all about it in Pass the Penis: Pass the Kink.

Do you want to play a game? We have a fun masturbation game to play with you via Phone Sex? It’s called Pass the Penis and is a most fun sex game! Read more about the Pass the Penis Phone Sex Game.

Each and every game of pass the penis is crafted to match your own personal taste in women, fetishes, and, in some cases, based upon your previous performance in pass the penis. Read more about the Types of Pass the Penis.

So, you love Guided Masturbation and just can’t get enough of it! Hey, we totally understand! Guided Masturbation is not only fun and exciting, but it’s great to have a Mistress there with you to tell you just what to do and how to do it! In fact, there’s nothing better than taking your masturbation to another level with a Guided Masturbation And Pass The Penis game!

There are some men who crave to be dominated by the perfect group of sensual and erotic pass the penis Mistresses. Of course, every man thinks that he is “tough enough” or strong enough to handle the intense tease and denial that he will undergo. You may pick any length of time for your game to last, but do keep in mind that you must be UP for the challenge. Read more about Sensual Domination Tease and Denial Games.

He wasn’t even very sure that he would actually be able to handle such a tease and denial game as this, but he had been replaying this fantasy over and over in his head for much too long now. It was time to finally indulge in his secret tease and denial phone sex fantasy. Continue reading Tease and Denial Phone Sex Mistress.

Do you think that you could endure a game of pass the penis with some of the hottest tease and denial Mistresses around? Read about one man’s experience in Sadistic Tease and Denial Game for a Chaste Sub.

I love to get together with a few of my girlfriends and have naughty dinner parties. I have a small group of friends who, like me, are sexually uninhibited and like to fulfill our male friends’ deepest sexual desires. Naturally, this led to some pretty Naughty Dinner Parties.

Having that cock in your hand and really being able to stroke and get off is exciting. Even more exciting is having someone there to walk you through the stroking. That’s why playing Pass the Penis is so much fun! Read more about it in Pass the Penis: The Joys of Playing the Game.

My sister and I are identical twins. We are the kind of twins that like to play tricks on people and have fun with our similarities. Even better when we can Double Our Pleasure by Playing Pass the Penis!

We became famous in college for playing “pass the penis” with groups of drunk, but very willing, guys at parties. The guys never complained, and we always had such a good time. We played this game all through college and beyond. Whenever we were together at any kind of get together where there were men, there was always potential for a game. Read more about the Pass the Penis Tradition.

If I was going to describe the pass the penis phone sex game to you in shorthand, it would be a Masturbation Game or a Tease and Denial Game. But it is so much more than that. Keep reading to learn about the Pass The Penis Phone Sex Game.

I saw an ad on the bulletin board in the break room at work, for a “pass the penis” party, and I got instantly excited. Of course, just what a Pass the Penis party was or why I wanted to go, isn’t something I knew or could explain. Honestly, I’m not even sure what I was imagining at that point, nothing like what it turned out to be, that’s for sure. Read all about my Pass the Penis Party experience.

First off, you need to prepare yourself! If you are going to be used by several sexy well skilled Mistresses, you will need to be in good shape. Trust me on this one! So, to prepare for this cock tease game, you will need to really be up on your stroking. I suggest stroking everyday and building up your endurance. I didn’t say have an orgasm, but I do encourage stroking. Continue reading Ms. Meredith’s tips for Pass the Penis.

Do you enjoy erotic stories about tease and denial? Perhaps you’re a tease and denial enthusiast who’s found his way to this site. You may be wondering what, exactly, Pass The Penis is and if it’s something that you would enjoy. Read more about the Pass the Penis Tease and Denial Game.

A Masturbatrix knows that the longer a man can put off his orgasm, the better it will be for him when she finally allows him to cum. Unfortunately, most men are either not aware of this or do not possess the self-control necessary to delay their orgasms long enough to accomplish that end. But that’s where a Masturbatrix comes in. Read more about Learning Orgasm Control.

I was sitting with a group of friends at the on campus restaurant when we were approached by a several beautiful women. After a few introductions, the woman said that they were having a special kind of party in their dorm and they wanted to invite just a few guys to attend. Continue reading Girls in the Dorm Pass my Penis.

My girlfriend and I have a great relationship. She is really open to new things and very uninhibited. I love this about her because, while I don’t consider myself too out there, I like to do different things in bed. That’s what made My Girlfriend’s Gift to Me so amazing!

The strangest Pass the Penis experience I’ve ever had was with the nurses at my doctor’s office. It was shockingly intense and fun because it was so unexpected and out of place. Continue reading Pass the Penis: The Appointment.

A couple of years ago, my friends and I decided to finish off our college career with a bang. We decided to have a Pass the Penis Cum as You Are party for all our male friends. Continue reading Another Pass the Penis Party.

Playing a game with a Mistress is always a potentially fun and exciting but possibly dangerous endeavor. Oh, not to say that you should not play with us, of course you should! However, we know that sometimes just the thought can make you very nervous. Especially when the game is called, Pass the Penis. Read more about How the Pass the Penis Game Works.

Different Mistresses have different methods for extending a Pass The Penis game with the men they talk to. Read more about Guided Masturbation Tease and Denial Games.

I couldn’t help but to play the role of the cute cock tease, as I had gotten SO good at it over the past year! I teasingly asked him if he was sure that he wanted to go through with this ultimate tease and denial long-term play. Continue reading the Prick Tease Wife.

Right when I thought victory was at hand, Mistress said, “Right as you start to cum, I want you to put your finger over the little slit in the end of your penis and hold it tightly. Do NOT let any cum escape!” Read all about it in Ruined Orgasm Tease and Denial Game.

Prostate milking relieves the pressure of the building seminal fluid, it does not give you a satisfying release like ejaculation does. Therefore, we can prolong your tease and denial. You’ll still desperately want to cum, but you won’t be able to! Read more about Pass the Penis Prostate Milking.

If you cheat on someone, do you not think she is going to tell her friends? If we all hang out together, do you not think that at some point the woman you cheated on and the one you cheated with are going to cross paths? Or about what they might do to you when they did? Read Ex Girlfriend’s Revenge to find out.

We are often asked if every Mistress plays Pass the Penis or if just some do. It seems that many men believe there are Mistresses who wouldn’t love passing a penis around with their friends. I’m here to tell you that it is not true. We ALL love to play Pass the Penis. In fact, here’s a Mistress Interview that proves just that!

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