Ex-Girlfriend’s Revenge


This is the story of an ex-girlfriend’s revenge. Men! I will never understand what makes them believe that we do not talk to one another. Oh, I don’t mean that guys think we women never talk, they make all kinds of jokes about how much we talk and that we talk about anything and everything and will talk and talk even when they wish we wouldn’t.

They, or maybe I should say you since you are most likely a man reading this, you seem to relish the fact that you can laugh together about our talking and not have to actually say anything to us. You go on and on about how much we talk and yet still can’t seem to understand that we aren’t doing it to annoy you, we like to share and we prefer to share with one another.

If we are talking to you it is probably because none of our girlfriends are around, not because you are so much fun to share with, you aren’t. So, here is what I don’t understand. Why do you NOT ever consider, when doing something man-like (read:stupid) that we are going to talk to one another?

Am I being too vague? Let me make things more clear. If you cheat on someone, do you not think she is going to tell her friends? If we all hang out together, do you not think that at some point the woman you cheated on and the one you cheated with are going to cross paths?

Maybe it’s an ego thing and you don’t mind. Maybe you are thinking about how hot it would be to imagine these two women you fucked comparing notes. Or, more likely, you aren’t thinking about it at all. You are on to another woman you’d like to try to get in bed. But that is where you make your mistakes. So consider the story I’m about to tell you, a cautionary tale. A woman giving you some insight into what does and could happen to you if you continue to not realize how powerful we are when we get together.


Finding Out The Truth


A friend of mine was dating this guy, we all knew him and knew he was kind of a slut, but hey, she liked him, so we tried to be nice. They were together for almost a year when she found out he was cheating on her and dumped him. Okay, that’s his punishment, she figured being out of his life was making her happier and punishing him because, well my friend is gorgeous and amazing and he didn’t deserve her.

Of course, being the pompous ass he is, he just kept going along, still hanging out with our circle of friends and just generally acting like he was innocent. I’m not sure if he thought that we didn’t all know or what, but being too busy and hot to be bothered with him, we just went on and ignored him.

However, he then decided that hitting on a girl we had just started hanging out with, was a good idea. She didn’t know about him and came to have drinks with us one night, talking about this great new guy. We listened, until she told us who it was.

Then we had some things to tell her. She was shocked, since he had mentioned his last girlfriend had cheated on him and tried to get some sympathy from her. Well, here is where you should pay close attention. We were going to leave him alone, but oh no, he just couldn’t leave well enough alone. That was when we decided to play a game with him.


An Ex-Girlfriend’s Revenge: Let the Games Begin


She called and invited him over to her place, dropping hints that she was feeling sexy and naughty and needed to see him. Of course he was eager and raced over. It wasn’t hard for her to get him naked and as she stroked his cock, my friend snuck in from behind and whispered in his ear. “We told her all about you.”

He jumped, eyes wide staring. They both assured him, as did the rest of us when we came out, that we were not upset, just tired of pretending that we didn’t want him. He fell for it, grinning and saying how excited he was to see all of us and promising we’d be well satisfied.

We laughed and turned on the camera, convincing him that he’d love being filmed and it was turning us on. We then proceeded to take turns stroking his cock or telling him how to stroke, passing his penis from one to the other without ever really letting him have any release.

He admitted, over the course of the night, while begging to cum, that he had cheated on every girl he’d been with and how once he got a girl in bed, he got bored. Encouraging and promising as we played with his penis, we got all the dirt on him we needed, then told him, without letting him cum, that we were all done and if he tried to hit on any of our friends again, or use us to get sympathy we’d show the video to anyone and everyone we could! Now, THAT’s an ex-girlfriend’s revenge!


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