Guided Masturbation In A Tease And Denial Game


Have you tried a guided masturbation version of Pass the Penis?

Different Mistresses have different methods for extending a Pass The Penis game with the men they talk to. Each technique depends both on the Mistress herself and on the ideas given to her by the Mistress-Dispatcher. Because many men want to know what they’re in for before a Pass The Penis game, however, we have put together a few pieces about the kinds of things you might expect while playing.

Of course, these will be rather general statements, for two reasons: exactly how these things manifest themselves do, in fact, depend on both the Mistress in question and the submissive whose cock she’s controlling, and we don’t want to completely spoil the surprise for you!

For some Mistresses, guided masturbation is, without a doubt, the way to go when it comes to Pass The Penis. Ladies who enjoy micromanaging of their submissives are often drawn to this method of orgasm delay.

This is because it not only gives them an opportunity to give detailed masturbation instructions to the submissive, but also requires him to follow those instructions meticulously. Therefore, Mistresses who like having control over even the most minute aspects of a submissive’s masturbation habits (and orgasms) tend to favor this technique either over the others or in addition to the others.


A Masturbatrix For Guided Masturbation Pass The Penis Game


Your guided masturbation Mistress will probably have quite a few different masturbation ideas in mind for you. What you’ll have to do is listen closely to her and be sure to follow all her instructions to the letter. And, of course, you’ll have to remember that you can’t cum without her permission!

Guided masturbation works really well for a tease and denial game because it’s one of those things that never gets boring. By nature, guided masturbation remains interesting and arousing, even when other forms of tease and denial may fail. This is because the whole point of guided masturbation is to shake up your normal jerk off routine. It adds interest to the scene by changing things up. Additionally, if your Mistress thinks that what you’re doing is no longer as fun as it was earlier in the session, she can always give you directions. Masturbatrices always have quite a few guided masturbation scenarios at their disposal at any given time!

Additionally, a Masturbatrix can incorporate many other kinds of prick tease ideas into her guided masturbation instructions any time she wants to. This is another thing that keeps guided masturbation fresh and exciting during an extended masturbation session.


What Can I Expect From An Extended Masturbation Session?


While playing Pass The Penis, your Masturbatrix may decide that, in order to extend the amount of time that you can continue masturbating without cumming, you need to be subjected to some other types of orgasm denial. A good example of this would be a ruined orgasm.

You would, technically, be having an orgasm, but you would get no pleasure from it, and your cock would remain nice and hard for further teasing. The impending orgasm would have also been warded off successfully, so that you can continue being teased for however long your Masturbatrix and her friends decide you should undergo such treatment!

You may also be instructed to do things like anal play. What exactly does that accomplish? Anal play during a guided masturbation session serves two purposes. The first is to allow you to explore different sensations while masturbating because, as was mentioned before, the point of guided masturbation is to experience something different while jacking off.

The other thing that anal play does in this context is that it keeps you nice and hard for your for your Guided Masturbation Mistress while she’s giving you a few minutes to cool down after being teased for so long, so that you do not cum without permission. Anal play feels wonderful and will definitely keep you exciting, but it’s not very likely that a man will cum from anal stimulation alone.

A good Masturbatrix will have many more tricks up her sleeve in addition to the ones mentioned here, though she will most likely not reveal them to you until you’re hip-deep in a game of Pass the Penis with her! Aren’t you looking forward to seeing what kind of extreme cockteasing your Guided Masturbation Mistress can come up with for you?