How to Choose a Pass the Penis Mistress


Welcome to Pass the Penis! Are you wondering how to choose which Pass the Penis Mistress to choose? This is our very own original stroking game, where you can stroke with one Mistress after the other, being passed around like a toy. We love to play and know you will too. But you have already decided you will enjoy it, haven’t you?

That is why you are here is it not? You want to play a game of Pass the Penis with some of our very sexy Mistresses, but you just can’t decide who to choose. Don’t worry we are here to help you do just that. If after reading all about how to decide you still feel like you need some help our friendly Cock Concierges at the Live Help desk will be pleased to assist you or you can fill out our form to get some sexy recommendations delivered straight to your email box!

For now though, the best way to choose is to decide just what kind of game you would enjoy playing and how long you want it to last. The choice is completely up to you, though it might be the last on that is, you see once our game starts we are not very likely to ask you to make the decisions. Instead the lovely Mistresses you choose to play with, or that our dispatcher chooses to secretly pass you to as a surprise…

They are the ones who will decide what you get to do. So, think carefully about your options. There are many, though I’m just going to talk about some of our more popular types of games.

Pass the Penis Mistress: Sensual Passing of the Penis


Pass the Penis can be a very sexy and naughty stroking game and honestly that is what we get the most requests for. So, if you are looking to be passed from Mistress to Mistress with each telling you how to stroke your cock, then you are in luck! We specialize in guided masturbation sessions that are shared between many Mistresses.

Of course how many is up to you, but at least three, I mean otherwise it’s just two ladies sharing you! But if you have three or four or even five (Can you handle it for that long?) who are telling you how to stroke, that is a real Pass the Penis game.

We can do sensual guided masturbation, stroking games or even some tease and delay or denial. Maybe you want four hot young Princesses to tease you with their bodies and tell you all about their college classes while taunting you and making you wish they’d let you cum.

Or maybe you like to be teased in a slow sensual seduction but a few hot MILFS. Sometimes even a mixture can be nice, or dispatchers surprise you with ladies you aren’t expecting. Regardless, if you like your stroking games sensual and naughty, we can make the Pass the Penis game as hot as you can handle.


Hardcore Pass the Penis Game


We know though, that some of you like things a little more rough. You want to really be controlled and wonder if playing Pass the Penis is the thing for you. It is! We don’t only offer Guided Masturbation sessions! We’re happy to play lots of other games as well and our strict hardcore dommes, love the opportunity to Pass your Penis around between them too! We wouldn’t want the sensual FemDoms to have all the fun! Oh no, those of you who need strict control can play too!

In fact, we have lots of requests for some light cbt between many Mistresses. Think of all the ideas one Mistress can come up with to have you try on your cock – Now imagine how many more a whole string of Mistresses would think of! You know you love the idea.

If you want spanking or maybe even a teasing session where you are kept in chastity the whole time, our strict Mistresses would love a hardcore game of Pass the Penis! In fact, they even love to choose who is next. You pick one strict lady, she chooses the next to control you! This could lead to you having lots of fun with everything from humiliation to toys and whips and the evil imaginations of our most controlling FemDoms!

Now that you know you have so many choices in ways to play our favorite stroking (or not being allowed to stroke) game of Pass the Penis, you should have no trouble choosing a Mistress or three to play with, but if you are still a little lost, feel free to check out all our bios and see who loves to do what and remember, even if you don’t see your favorite Pass the Penis Mistress, she still loves to play! We all do!