Learning Orgasm Control


A Masturbatrix is very good at orgasm control. She knows that the longer a man can put off his orgasm, the better it will be for him when she finally allows him to cum. Unfortunately, most men are either not aware of this or do not possess the self-control necessary to delay their orgasms long enough to accomplish that end. But that’s where a Masturbatrix comes in.

If a man is willing to give up control to a masturbation manager, she can help him develop the self-control that he needs. He must, however, give himself (and his cock) up to her wholeheartedly. He must also be willing to do whatever she tells him to do, as she is much more experienced in the realm of managing men’s orgasms than he is.

Following a cock control Mistress’s instructions may seem hard at first, but it will ultimately lead to more fulfilling orgasms.



Extending Your Masturbation Sessions

A Masturbatrix generally has many different types of cock control ideas that she may use on her subjects. Which one she uses depends on the man in question, the area of masturbation endurance training that she believes he needs to concentrate on, and, perhaps, what kind of mood she is in on any given day.

If you keep in mind that both you and your Femdom Mistress are working toward the same goal, which is a more intense orgasm for you, it should be at least somewhat easier for you to follow her instructions and stay on the path she’s made for you when it gets difficult. Your Masturbatrix may be a strict Mistress, but that’s only because she wants the best for you.

She wants you to achieve those orgasmic heights you’ve never reached before and to become completely devoted to her because she is the only one who can give them to you. If that requires a little strictness to accomplish, then so be it. In this case, the end far more than justifies the means.

Tease and denial is the most common method that a Masturbatrix uses to extend the length of time between the first stirrings of arousal and orgasm. The use of tease and denial may be confined to one session, or it may be drawn out over a longer period of time. As you progress in your masturbation training, the more your masturbatory sessions will be prolonged. This may seem agonizing in the moment, but when you finally are allowed release, you will be eternally grateful that your Mistress denied you for so long!


A Masturbatrix Will Help You With Orgasm Control


Your Masturbatrix may use tease and denial in conjunction with other methods, such as guided masturbation. Most likely, she will begin your training by having you draw out your masturbation session for perhaps ten minutes longer than you normally do. This is a noticeable amount of time, but it’s still reasonable to expect a man to last that much longer at the beginning of his training.

Once you’re not having any difficulty extending your masturbation session by ten extra minutes, your Mistress will increase the length of time again. After doing this several times, she will most likely begin prolonging your orgasm over multiple tease and denial sessions, instead of just having you cum after one longer session. This is the part of the training that most men find the hardest.

They can generally hold off on cumming while their Mistress is right there beside them, instructing them in what to do. It’s much harder when they have to stop masturbating altogether and allow their cocks to grow soft without cumming, then wait for another session with her before they can jerk off again. This is the time in which you’ll need to keep in mind what you’re doing and why. If you keep your eye on the prize, you’ll find that learning orgasm control is much easier (and far more fulfilling).

After you have been teased and denied for days, or maybe even weeks, on end, you will be so glad to cum when your Mistress finally gives you permission to do so. Your cock will throb, and your balls will ache, but that ejaculation will blow your mind. You may even find that you won’t be able to speak for quite awhile because the orgasm will be so intense!