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Passing the penis can be fun in any way you crave it. Whether it consists of having a group of girls giving you the green light to tug and rub it or perhaps it's us not letting you get your jizz on for the day. Anyway you want it I am all for it.

It's always a fun time when you get a little taste of what we offer. If you crave a heightened experience it will always involve a variety of pleasures. Now with us you will be able to perfect your favorite style. Each goddess compliments the next and you will be so satisfied you won't know what part of it was the most enjoyed.

Now if you want a bit more tense session I personally absolutely adore being able to ruin your orgasm. you know it's actually even much more delicious when I get to do it with other Mistresses. Us goddesses enjoy a game of torture and pleasure. To be frank it will be pleasure for us and torture for you. We mistresses begin with completely devouring your quote on quote manhood. They say often that women have all the power and they only give it to who they deem worthy.

Now you have come here seeking us. Now there's plenty of us to laugh at your pain. we will remind you As a man you should be respected and pleased. Then remind you with each hang up where you stand. It's quite sad you won't enjoy our undivided attention. You will be laughed at or ignored and sent right over to the next Mistress.

Well while its true that when men want to cum they will do anything to be able to release. Don't think for a second you'll be able to win your way over. Quite honestly it'll be a game where you will never be the winner because the stats will be lined up against you.

How exciting is it to be the focus of all these wonderful ladies ready to humiliate or ignore you.

Goddess Gigi


Please Your Mistress Phone Sex (800) 730-3602


Pass The Penis Kicks Tease and Denial Into Overdrive!


By Mistress Rachel of

For the devotee of tease and denial, Pass the Penis can be a means of kicking that kink up a notch.  Sure, you’re practiced at edging for your Mistress and hearing either “no” or “wait” when you beg for permission to cum, but what may seem manageable when in the clutches of one Mistress becomes a challenging new gauntlet to run when a stroke boy is faced with a series of Mistresses, each ready to tantalize you in Her own special way at a minimum of 10 minute intervals, with only the very last Mistress of your choosing empowered to finally say “yes”.

One Mistress may take a slow, sensual tone, encouraging you to warm yourself and Her new stroke toy up slowly, directing you to ooze your cock in and out of your hand as you would a nice, tight pussy.  She tailors Her words and tone to conjure an image in your mind that makes it all feel so real, maybe while you watch one of your favorite porn clips in the background with the sound off.  

She directs you to keep stroking slowly while your time with Her ends and you are passed to your next Mistress, who turns you on a dime and works you like a drill Sargent would a new recruit, immediately demanding hard and fast strokes until your pulse and mind are racing with the euphoria of being under the control of such a demanding, dominant woman!

Or maybe you want to see just what limits to which you can push yourself, and want to try to measure up with each Mistress taking Her version of the hard-and-fast tack.  The beauty of it is, you can decide on what ever tone or speed or variation thereof that best takes you to that special subspace where you are begging both for more and for release.

You can set up your Pass The Penis game either with one of the Mistresses you’d like to have put you through your paces, or through our dispatchers, either of which will be most helpful in guiding you to select the Mistresses that will best be able to facilitate the experience you seek.

Pass the Penis works wonderfully in conjunction with other kinks like anal play, CBT and other mild pain play, humiliation of all kinds, feminization, stroke toys, and practically any other little wrinkle you desire to incorporate.  All you have to do is let the Mistress coordinating your session know where your hot buttons are!

And of course, in the end it’s up to you whether or not you cum.  At least, before Pass The Penis begins.  Once you’ve established with the Mistress organizing your game whether you hope for an explosive finish, or to be sent away with blue balls, the dominant damsels with whom you’ve arranged to play will see to it that you get exactly that for which you asked!  A warning though:  If you ask to be denied, you will be, no matter how strenuously you beg to change your mind!

Are you up for the challenge?  Contact us to arrange for your very own customized Pass The Penis game today!


Cock Control presents Pass the Penis


Here’s how to play:


Call into the Mistress Line at 800-730-3602 and let the Dispatcher know you’d like to play Pass the Penis. You may tell her a budget to stay within, or a length of time you’d like to play, and she will plan your stroking itinerary accordingly.

The Dispatcher will give instructions to each of the Mistresses you stroke for, but those instructions will be a secret to you! Each of the Mistresses you session with can give you a new assignment at the end of your stroking session, or she might just send you back to the Dispatcher for more instructions.

So for as long as you can take it, you’ll be passed around as a Femdom Mistress’s plaything, being teased, tormented and directed to carry out our every Mistressy whim!


Give us a call to play Pass the Penis, today!