My Girlfriend’s Naughty Gift To Me


I can’t wait to tell you about my girlfriend’s naughty gift to me!

My girlfriend and I have a great relationship. She is really open to new things and very uninhibited. I love this about her because, while I don’t consider myself too out there, I like to do different things in bed. I’m not a “missionary only” kind of guy. I like the idea that my girl will try new things if I asked her too.

An even better aspect of my girl’s sexuality is that she likes to take control and make me do things that I hadn’t even thought of yet. I love that. She loves to surprise me with new situations. When we first started dating she would send me emails of naked pictures of herself to me at work. She knew that I checked my personal accounts several times a day.

I learned quickly to make sure no one was around before I pulled the website up on my screen. I was terrified that someone would walk up behind me and see that I was looking at her picture, but I loved it too, so I never tried to get her to stop sending them and I never stopped checking my email.

She has done other stuff too. She’s arranged parties at strip clubs for me and my friends. She did make sure that she was one of the girls on the pole that night, though. As I watched her dance and move around, I remembered that she had told me that she had been a stripper for a short time when she was in college.

I thought she was fantastic with her long legs wrapped around that pole, swinging her body around it without her hands touching it. I filled her g string with one hundred dollar bills and had amazing sex with her for most of the night that followed.


Stroking On Demand


I once came home to her demanding that I take stroke my cock. I had barely walked in the door when she announced this and I just stood there, dumbly looking at her. She stared back at me boldly and repeated the demand. Not knowing what else to do, I set my briefcase down and dropped my car keys on the table by the door.

I opened my fly and grabbed my cock. I stroked for a few minutes and soon my cock was rock hard and throbbing. She smiled and encouraged me to keep going then she walked over, kissed me and helped me put a finish on it right there in the living room. She loved the idea that she could demand that I cum on command, anywhere she wanted.

Then, two weeks ago, she pulled off the biggest and best surprise yet, with an amazing naughty gift. She knows I think her friends are hot and so she decided to give me the best birthday present ever. It started with her taking me to a nice restaurant for dinner. She let me know what was on the menu for later when she ran her hand up my leg to my cock under the table.

I began to get really excited because I know she goes all out on things like this. She took me home and there were candles everywhere. It was really romantic. My heart sank. Don’t get me wrong. I can be very romantic when I’m in the mood, but that night I was just in a “have raunchy, wet, hot sex” mood. I had been hoping that she was too, but now I wasn’t sure. I hoped she didn’t break out the rose petals and sprinkle them all over me!


A Very Big Naughty Gift Surprise


She made me get naked and lie down on our bed. Okay…so far so good. She lay down with me and began to work her way down my body, kissing me. I closed my eyes, ready to just enjoy the feeling, but then she stopped and said that she had to do something really quickly and told me not to open my eyes. I thought this was strange, but couldn’t think well enough to object. So I just stayed there with my eyes closed. I heard her come back into the room and sit back down on the bed with me. I felt her mouth on my cock again, but this time it felt different.

I opened my eyes and glanced down to see my girlfriend’s best friend with my cock in her mouth! I jerked away. I swear I almost had a heart attack. She stopped and looking at me, smiling. “Happy birthday! We’re gonna play pass the penis with you tonight. Just lay back and enjoy it!” In all there were five of my girl’s friends there to pleasure me. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. I really enjoyed it once I got over the shock of all the different mouths on my cock. I absolutely loved my naughty gift! It was great! 


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