Naughty Dinner Party


I love to get together with a few of my girlfriends and have naughty dinner parties. I have a small group of friends who, like me, are sexually uninhibited and like to fulfill our male friends’ deepest sexual desires. During the summer when it’s hot and my swimming pool feels like bath water, the six of us get together and invite our special guys to my house. They know what is going to happen and they love it.

It all started as a joke at a similar naughty party some years ago. My friends and I were all having fun poolside. The booze had flowed steadily and we were all feeling good. One guy happened to mention always wanting to know what it would be like to be passed from one woman to another to be pleasured sexually. Hearing this comment, another man agreed and said that he had always wanted to try it too.

My lady friends and I laughed and said that no woman would ever do that for you guys. But then, a few days after the party, we began to think about how fun it would be to actually play “pass the penis”. The four of us sat down to coffee and the subject came up. We laughed a little about it and then started saying, “Why not?” After a few more cups of coffee, we began to plan how such a party could be pulled off.


Naughty Party Planning


We would invite just the men we thought would be game to be involved and we wouldn’t tell them why they were coming or what the party was for. We would start out innocently enough with dinner and a few drinks; maybe even a movie or a swim in the pool. Then we would get down to the business of “passing the penis.” Woman could come, but only if they were willing to participate.

The same rule went for men as well. There was to be no watching without participation. We contacted a few of our other friends who we thought would be open to this fun and sexy idea. Two joined and that made the six of us. The first “pass the penis” party was then planned.

As it turned out, it went off without a hitch and with great success. The men involved did not know what was going to happen until we lined them up by the pool and told them to “drop trou.” All eight of them looked back at the line of woman, shocked into silence. We women just smiled secretively to each other and repeated the request. Not knowing what else to do, the men complied and we were suddenly faced with men with blank stares and pants around their ankles.

Then we told them to stroke their cocks, much in the same tone that we would ask them for another glass of wine. They looked back at us with “You’re kidding, right?” written on their faces. We said nothing else, just kept smiling and waiting. Finally one of the braver ones said “Okay, if you say so,” and starts to stroke his large cock. Seeing that someone is actually going to do what was asked, the others follow suit.


Let the Games Begin


It was a sight to behold. Eight gorgeous, virile men standing naked in a line stroking their cocks in unison. The six women watching were getting all hot and bothered and decided to join in the fun. We helped each stroke for about a minute, stopped, changed to the next guy and kept going until all of us girls had had our hands all over each of the men.

Then we made them stop stroking and have a drink. They protested, but we told them sternly that this was a show for the women. The men were just players. We called the shots here. So they all sat down with their pants still around their ankles and had a very fast drink.

We they were all done, we had them reline up and start stroking again. This time we only made them stop for about 10 seconds and then they were allowed to cum. After wards, all the guys were thrilled that they had gotten to have this experience. They told us how much they wanted to do it again sometime.

We told them that we had had fun too and that we would think about having another “pass the penis” party. Of course we already knew that we would have another, but we wanted the next naughty party to be a surprise too!