Pass The Penis Game


Let me tell you about the pass the penis game!

Perhaps you’re a tease and denial enthusiast who’s found his way to this site. You may be wondering what, exactly, Pass The Penis is and if it’s something that you would enjoy.

Let’s start with the first part. What is Pass The Penis? Pass The Penis is a tease and denial game that was created especially for the tease and denial lovers by the ladies of LDW. Pass the Penis incorporates a number of elements of cock control into this tease and denial game, which heightens the tension and, therefore, the enjoyment of the man who’s playing this game with our ladies.

Before beginning a game of Pass The Penis, the lovely dispatcher will establish a time limit for your game. Then, she will give some cock teasing instructions to the Mistress you are about to speak with. You, however, will have no idea what’s about to happen to you! After your time with the first Mistress is finished, you can either extend your time with her, or you can go back to the dispatcher to be sent to another Mistress. The ladies will continue passing you around until your allotted time is up.


The Pass the Penis Game Is Harder Than It Sounds


You may be thinking that this game sounds easy. In some ways, you’re right. The premise itself is actually very simple. But following all the instructions without cumming before you’ve been given permission to cum may in fact be very, very hard. If you think it’s hard obeying one prick tease Mistress, imagine how hard it’ll be trying to obey several of them, all of whom are conspiring against you!

Oh, yes, it’ll be very hard, but it’s the kind of thing die-hard tease and denial lovers absolutely live for!

You could call Pass The Penis a form of extreme cock control, and you wouldn’t be wrong. The Mistresses who play Pass The Penis use a number of techniques to tease and torment you. Some of them, perhaps the sensual Mistress types, will only want to tease you enough to make your orgasm mind-blowing once you’re finally granted permission to have it. Others, perhaps the strict Mistress types, may actually want to tease you to the point of no return, so that they’ll have a good reason to punish you when you fall over the edge without permission.

How can these ladies keep you going for so long? That’s a good question, and we’ll answer it as best we can for you!


Mistresses Use Many Forms Of Cock Control In This Game


As we’ve said before, the Pass The Penis game uses many different versions of cock control to extend the game and keep you aching for more. For example, one Masturbatrix may use guided masturbation to enhance your arousal. The Mistress who uses this technique enjoys micromanagement and having a submissive follow her every command to the letter.

Alternatively, another Mistress may have you engage in anal play and prostate milking in order to extend the amount of time that you can hold out without cumming. Yet another Mistress may even use ruined orgasms to delay the amount of time between your beginning the game and when it ends in a real orgasm for you.

And that brings us to the next question. Would Pass The Penis be something that you would enjoy? Well, that depends on several factors. We assume that since you’re still here and still reading, you’re most likely a big fan of tease and denial and at least a little intrigued by the idea of our little game. If that is the case, then here are some other important things to consider when deciding if Pass The Penis is something you’d like.

Are you able to obey instructions, even when obeying means going against what you personally want? Can you control your orgasmyourself? Are you willing to submit yourself to extended masturbation sessions in order to achieve an orgasm unlike any you’ve ever before experienced?

If the answer to all those questions is “yes,” then you will probably be a very good candidate for a rousing (and arousing) game of Pass The Penis!

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