Pass the Penis: How it Really Works


Do you have what it takes to play pass the penis? Playing a game with a Mistress is always a potentially fun and exciting but possibly dangerous endeavor. Oh not to say that you should not play with us, of course you should! However, we know that sometimes just the thought can make you very nervous.

Especially when the game is called, Pass the Penis. This sounds like both a dream and a nightmare to those of you who love to stroke and the questions that start running through your mind are ones we want to answer for you. Well we want to answer some of them, the rest is a surprise.

Therefore, here you are at the Pass the Penis website, trying to figure out if you want to play or not. You are reading bios and looking around and thinking to yourself, is this for real? How do I know whom to play with? Do I get to pick?

How long does it last? Will they let me stroke? Will I get to cum? All valid questions and they go along with the more academic ones like how exactly do I set this up and who do I get to help me? I’m going to answer some of these and maybe others for you, so read on!


Passing the Penis: The Basics


Pass the penis is our special game here at LDW where you get the opportunity to have a session with more than one Mistress guiding you. We all love to play, so even if you don’t see your favorite Mistress listed here on the website, rest assured she will be more than happy to jump in and take part in a game where she gets to pass your cock between her and a few other Mistresses.

No matter how many women you choose, the pass the penis game is broken up into 10 minutes (or more) intervals. Our sexy dispatcher will send the first Mistress to you and she will control that cock until the time is up then you will immediately go back to our dispatcher who will send you over to the next Mistress, who is waiting to have her turn at teasing and toying with you.

This can go on for as long as you can take it. The current record is over thirty passes of ten minutes each. We love record breakers, but we also just love to play so you can choose to go as long or as short as you like. In order for it to be a game though, you need to be passed at least once!

How do I choose the ladies? That’s easy! We will help you! You can either go to your favorite Mistress or ask her to choose some available LDW Mistress Friends and set up a game or you can ask our dispatcher to surprise you with whoever is available and feels like playing when it’s time for the next turn.

You can also ask each Mistress to choose the next or even go through emails to get up a future session with a select group of Mistresses of your choosing. Whichever way you want to go, it will be fun and exciting and totally up to you!


During the Pass the Penis Sessions


Now we get to the naughty part. What happens during the sessions? Do you get to cum? Will the Mistresses laugh at you? Tell you to stroke? Well the great thing about this is before the game starts you get to the us if you like humiliation or if you love guided stroking games. Maybe you really want to be denied until the last girl, or maybe you want it to be a surprise or to be denied by everyone. We’ll play your way, with our own special twists and turns thrown in.

No two Mistresses have the same style of playing so you’ll find yourself going from a sweet stroking session to one where you slap your balls and stroke fast and hard then back again, or maybe you’ll get to come by the third Mistress and maybe you will have to wait until the very last possible moment.

Whichever way it goes, you will find that Pass the Penis is not only different and fun, but can be very naughty and erotic as well. Just think of each Mistress telling the other what she is doing to you…

If all of this sounds like fun and something you’d like to try, then don’t hesitate to let us know. Our Live Help Desk can assist you as well in choosing a great group of Pass the Penis Mistresses or just in encouraging you to get out there and get stroking!