Pass the Penis Mistress Interview


Is every Mistress a Pass the Penis Mistress? We are often asked if every Mistress plays Pass the Penis or if just some do. It seems that many men believe there are Mistresses who wouldn’t love passing a penis around with their friends. I’m here to tell you that it is not true. We ALL love to play Pass the Penis.

Though it is a fact that some Mistresses find there to be more of a draw to it than others, I don’t know of one single Mistress who wouldn’t love to be part of a group passing your penis around and laughing or teasing or maybe even abusing a bit. Not that we’d ever really hurt you, but a little cock and ball teasing (or is it torture?) can be fun!

With this in mind, I decided to talk to one of the Mistresses who especially love to play Pass the Penis. Maybe you’ll be able to guess who she is or maybe not. Maybe you will just have to play with everyone to find out or maybe you’ll know right away based on what she told me. Either way you know it’s always fun to hear from a Mistress about what she loves and why she loves it, so I asked a few questions for you. Things you all want to know, but were afraid to ask (and rightly so)!


It’s All Fun and Games


First of all, let us start out with the question most asked. Do you like playing Pass the Penis? We know it’s fun for the guys, but what about you, do you really enjoy it? She laughed and nodded. “Yes I do! Passing around a penis with my Mistress friends is fun in a sexy way and in an entertaining and amusing way.

Sometimes it is really hot to know that this man is stroking for long periods of time and letting us do what we will with him. Other times, I imagine his small penis and laugh! Because I know my friends are laughing too, and we can tell when it’s getting to you.” She paused then, thinking and added, “I also love keeping him on the edge. That ups the ante so to speak.”

To add to this we asked; Since you do love to play, what is your favorite part of Pass the Penis? At first she told us she didn’t know if she had a favorite part, since she loved all aspects of Pass the Penis, but then after thinking about it for a bit, she told us one thing that she loved most of all. “I guess my favorite part is hearing what all the other Mistresses have already done with him.

When I’m in the middle of the chain or near the end, I adore finding out all the hoops he has already had to jump, or is it stroke, through to get to me. The creativity of my fellow Mistresses is amazing and I love knowing that they are with me in this and toying with him happily. When he relays to me all the things they have had him do, I laugh with glee and it inspires me to come up with something really exciting for him to share with the next lady!”


How Do You Like To Play


Now that we had established that she not only loves to play Pass the Penis, but has some parts of it that are especially fun for her, we wanted to ask some of her favorite ways to play. So, we asked if she likes to pick the other Mistresses in the game or if she prefers to have the man or the dispatcher choose. This she didn’t hesitate on. “I’m a little bit of a control freak.” She laughed, “You might have noticed that about me!

So, I love to choose. Of course he tells me the number of ladies, but I have fun contacting them and letting them know that they will soon be getting a call to join in the passing of his penis. There are some Mistresses I know have similar styles to mine and sometimes I want to give him a really intense experience where we are all on the same wave length. Other times I’m choose ladies I know are completely different from me or each other, so he is kept on his toes. Either way it keeps us in control and him wondering how it’s going to go. But for the record, I’ll always play it either way!”

She is a busy and popular Mistress, so we decided to ask just one more quick one, then thank her for her time. Opting to get some help, we asked for you, if she had any tips for men who were thinking about playing Pass the Penis for the first time. “I’d tell them to start out with a Mistress they trust and either have her pick or let the dispatcher choose from available pass the penis Mistresses.

No reason to add stress to the game when it’s your first time and if you are new, well we know each other really well and we all love to make it fun for you and for us.” She thought a moment and added. “My only other tip would be to relax and go with it. Every Mistress is different and we all approach things in our own way. But you can know we are experienced pass the penis Mistresses and can’t wait to pass your penis around, so your good time is guaranteed.”