Pass The Penis Party


The most fun I’ve ever had was a pass the penis party. Being a guy, I always love to have someone pay attention to my cock. My wife is attentive, but really can we ever get enough cock attention, especially those of us who need control? So, I’m always looking for a way to really have fun stroking, it’s a man thing maybe.

We are never satisfied and always looking for a way to get more attention, more stroking guidance and even, if I’m being honest here, more teasing and control. We love the Mistresses who couldn’t care less if we are happy or not. They are just enjoying themselves and if we have fun too, then good! If not, well that’s not their problem!

With this in mind, you’ll understand why, when I saw an ad on the bulletin board in the break room at work, for a “pass the penis” party, I got instantly excited. Of course it was taken down almost instantly, since words like penis are frowned upon in the business environment, but not before I’d seen it and committed the address to memory.

The party was going to be in a hotel room downtown, a nice one, and it was first come first serve, so depending on how many other men saw it I might be the only one or I might have to wait in line. Of course, just what a Pass the Penis party was or why I wanted to go, isn’t something I knew or could explain. Honestly, I’m not even sure what I was imagining at that point, nothing like what it turned out to be, that’s for sure.



Getting Ready to Party


That night I rode the subway one stop further to the hotel, so I could check it out. The room number the next night was 169, and I decided that knowing who was throwing this party would give me a leg up. So, I headed into the hotel and walked up to the very sexy young lady at the concierge desk, asking if she could help me, as I was invited to a party the next night and really wanted to make sure I had the room number right. She said, of course.

I told her I thought it might be room 169. She paused, then looked up at me smiling. “Oh, you’re coming…I’ll look forward to seeing you tomorrow then.” She said and gave me a knowing smile but no information other than to insist it wasn’t her throwing the party but she knew allllll about it. I left more convinced than ever that I was going to be at that party.

All night long, I could think of nothing other than the party and came up with a great work excuse that my wife completely believed and didn’t question at all. This made my going seem like karma and I knew this was going to be amazing. Again, I had no idea at the time, just what was going to happen, my cock was totally in control of me and that’s exactly what I thought with all day long.

I’m not sure I even remember doing any work at all. What I do remember is wondering if anyone else from work was going, getting paranoid that they were and I’d lose my spot and then deciding to leave work early!


Let the Pass the Penis Party Games Begin


When I got to the hotel, the concierge at the desk was there, smiling knowingly. She told me I could wait in the lobby or just go right up. Of course I chose to go up and the short elevator ride to 169 quickly brought me to the floor and the door, just a few steps away. I knocked, nervously, waiting for someone to open the door and explain things.

The door opened, but only into a sitting room, the bedroom part was shut off but I heard giggling and moaning and someone saying “Our next penis is here!” then what was almost a sob and a few minutes later a man with his clothing askew walked quickly past me and out the door. “Let the pass the penis party games begin.”

A familiar voice announced and I saw the hot new secretary from work, still in her short skirt and blouse standing in the bedroom. She motioned me in and I stood, shocked at the site of 7 women, all beautiful and different and in various states of dress and undress. They laughed and told me to take off my clothes and let them see what I was working with.

Next thing I knew I was literally being passed from one woman to the other, stroking and listening to all the instructions they had for me! I was hard and on the edge for what may have been hours or minutes, I just know it was amazing, being passed around in their game. Each one deciding if I got to stroke or had to wait, playing with me then passing me on to the next.

Then I heard them saying for the next pass the penis party, if I made it the whole way, one would help me, with her hand, get all the way off. This nearly set me off just the thought of one of those gorgeous women stroking me, but before I could get all the way around, I heard one say “Our next penis is here.” And they all started to laugh!


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