Pass the Penis: Pass the Kink

by Mistress Erika of


You’ve probably heard about our kinky jerk off game, pass the penis. It’s where you and your cock get passed around to two, three, or more lovely Enchantrix Mistresses. Teasing that hot cock over and over, driving you insane with sexual arousal. Some enjoy playing this tease and delay game and use it as a training tool.

To tease and test that hot cock, and your staying power as a form of masturbation endurance, . After all, that cock wasn’t put on your body solely for your pleasure, was it? In my opinion, you have that cock for one purpose and one purpose only. For our pleasure.


Pass The Penis


Usually,  our pass the penis game it’s some variation of JOI or guided masturbation. Not only will your stamina improve but you may learn some new and sexy ways to play with that cock. How hot is it when Mistress tells you how to stroke, how long to stroke and reminds you to keep that orgasm at bay!

We can utilize whatever toys you have, along with sexy JOI instructions. Edging, bringing you to the brink of your orgasm, then backing down. Over and over. Your entire body is consumed with pleasure, obedience, and aching for release! Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? But did you know there are more ways we can play? There is. The only limitation is our imagination! Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can be passed from one sexy lady to another!


Pass The Sissy


Are you into feminization or sissy play? Why not incorporate the same principles of pass the penis with a focus on your feminine desires in a game of Pass the Sissy! Being passed from Mistress to Mistress to teach you about being more feminine. Looking for a more intense sexual experience?

We can certainly play with our sweet sissy with cocksucking, spit-roasting whatever that sweet sexy mind is yearning for.


Pass The Humiliation Slut


Do you enjoy humiliation? When you set up your pass the penis, mention it to the dispatcher. The ladies you speak with will be informed. No need to describe in detail, just a few words will suffice.

Examples; Let’s say you are into SPH (small penis humiliation) . You can mention “I would like to play pass the penis with three (or however many) ladies, with a focus on SPH”

Does the idea of you being coerced into sucking cock, humiliate you? Fantastic, then your statement will be short and sweet “I want a focus on cocksucking humiliation”.

We delight in putting you in your place, so don’t hesitate to ask!


Pass The Chastity Pet


Lock up that cock and call! Are you concerned that the teasing will make you weak and unlock? Then take a 16 oz freezable cup, and dangle that key from a string, long enough so that string hangs down around the outside of the rim.

Take a rubber band wrap it around that cup, and string, to keep the key suspended in the water about halfway. Then put it in the freezer, until frozen, and then set up your call. Ask for pass the chastity pet, and let the teasing games begin.


Pass The CBT Penis


Even if you are into CBT (cock and ball torment) pass the penis is for you! Gather your favorite cock and ball torment toys and away we go! That cock never hurt so good when you’ve endured 20-30-40 minutes of CBT play.

Our experienced Mistresses will not hold back and ball-busting is at its finest when enjoyed by many! This is certainly a bucket list item for those who enjoy that delicious torment!


Pass The Cocksucker


Wanting to expose your cocksucking desires, doing so in rapid succession will certainly have your head spinning and cock leaking when multiple ladies tease you, encouraging you and perhaps even coercing you to suck that cock. If you think your idea of sucking cock is to make your mouth into a little pussy and bob up and down you are sadly mistaken.

Learn various ways to worship that cock and you’ll ensure that any cock you suck in the future will not only enjoy your mouth pussy, but will crave your mouth on them again and again. I know how thrilling it is to know that a cock out there somewhere is springing to life remembering how well you sucked his cock. I want you to feel it too!


Pass The Penis, Pass The Cum Slut


Some might think that cocksucking and cum eating naturally go hand in hand. Sometimes it does. But more guys want to eat their own splooge as a submissive erotic act but don’t want to suck cock. This is why men eating cum isn’t necessarily a cock sucker.

Are you one who fantasizes about eating cum but never was able to? Once you shoot that erotic idea vanishes. We know this , and understand it’s that first load that is the hardest. But after long teases, with your heart thudding hard in your chest, Pass The Cum Slut might be exactly what you need to consume that first load.


Pass The Penis Conclusion


As you can see there is a myriad of kinky ways we can play. If you don’t see your kink on the list, reach out to your favorite Mistress. Or ask the Dispatcher if you can set up “Pass the _______” and fill that blank in with your kink.

Are you hungry, pet? Hungry for more? We are just a few taps away. Give our dispatchers a call and let’s play Pass the Penis, today!



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