Pass the Penis Tips


Hello you naughty attention whore! I want to give you some tips for playing pass the penis.

We know you love it! We know that getting passed around like the slut that you are makes you feel oh so special! He He. We are on to you, my pet. We know you need attention and we know you secretly love to be slutted out! So what better way then a friendly game of pass the penis?


How to play Pass the Penis


First off, you need to prepare yourself! If you are going to be used by several sexy well skilled tease and denial Mistresses, you will need to be in good shape. Trust me on this one! So, to prepare for this cock tease game, you will need to really be up on your stroking. I suggest stroking everyday and building up your endurance. I didn’t say have an orgasm, but I do encourage stroking.

Once you feel you are “up” to it,  you need to get over your jitters and call!

That’s right. It’s time. you should be ready. But before you pick up that phone, you need to make sure you have plenty of playmates to choose from. Not that you will do the choosing. No, you should leave that up to the amazing, well skilled dispatcher. So, you call and tell them you are such a slut, you and your penis feel the need to be passed around!

Our matchmaking dispatchers will work their magic and get you lined up with as many Mistresses that you can take! And be prepared…even though you have trained hard for this adventure, we are skilled and will put you through your paces!


10 minutes, baby! 


That may not sound like a long time, but when you have one right another and another, it will be challenging and so exciting! So don’t blow your load right away or it’s game over! That’s why I told you that you need to endurance train! 

Each call will be different, because each Mistress has a different style. We each have our own unique way of doing calls, so know that and be prepared to report on what the previous Mistress did to you…I mean with you. This way we know right from the start what you’ve already experienced. We can decide then if we want to continue that way, or try something else.


Toys for Pass the Penis


Oh yes! If you have toys, be sure to have them handy! This only heightens the fun and helps make the calls very different because we will have different ways to tease you and play with you! We love to play with your toys! All of them. So bring them.

Last but not least…

Enjoy yourself! It’s like coming to the best buffet in town and you get to feast on a variety of main dishes! Appeteasers and deserts, too! Communicate with each of us and we will do our best to make every call you are passed on to the best one!

This is a very fun game, and great way to experience different Mistresses.

Are you ready to pass your penis?  Give one of our Tease and Denial Mistresses a call, today!