Prick Tease Wife


I am a prick tease wife. How did I get here? Of course, every girl starts planning the “perfect wedding” when she is just young. We all have some quirks and differences, but all in all, most weddings boil down to a lot of the same thing. There are, however, some exceptions to this! We will get to this later, though!

My wedding day was more than just my wildest dreams come true–it was truly a fairy tale. I had the most amazing wedding gown, and everything about the entire day was just beautiful and more perfect than I had ever even imagined! I can’t lie, though; I was secretly thinking about that night and how it would play out! We had been talking about this day for almost a year now!

After an equally beautiful and exhausting reception, my new husband and I were FINALLY able to slip out to a special cottage he had booked for us to stay at the night before we actually would leave for our honeymoon! He had picked out the perfect place. It was so romantic, and there was NO ONE around it!

He opened my door and after closing and locking the car, he picked me up to whisk me over the threshold of the doorway like any newlywed husband! I giggled lightly, knowing he was straining just a bit, but he would have NEVER admitted it! He was just a cute little computer nerd, after all!


The Prick Tease And Denial Game Begins


He gave me a sweet kiss and laid me on the bed. The bedroom was exactly as we had always wanted! It was private, lush and had been lit with candles prior to our arrival just as planned! The only sound to be heard besides the rustle of the wind outside our balcony window was the sound of gurgling water in the Jacuzzi across the room.

The ambience and sensuality of the entire setting was perfect for what was to come! For a few moments, we lay there basking in the glow of all that had happened and the beauty of the room, giggling from time to time like children! We were so excited and everything was absolutely perfect. We had planned this night for so long!

I couldn’t help but to play the role of the cute cock tease, as I had gotten SO good at it over the past year! I teasingly asked him if he was sure that he wanted to go through with this ultimate tease and denial long-term play. I could see the answer in his eyes before he answered with a yes. We had fucked every night for the last month in just this fashion, but the ending tonight would be much different. I told him to tell me the story one more time, while standing up and allowing him to slowly slip me out of my wedding gown.

His story was always the same, and I adored it. He begged for me to capture him in male chastity and to control his little dick. He would massage my body, worshipping every inch of me, telling me how he desired for me to be his hot wife and his tease and denial Mistress. He told me that I deserved so much more than his useless dick and wanted for me to only fuck the biggest, hardest, best dick that I could find as the beautiful prick tease slut that I am! He wanted me to pass him around in a game of pass the penis to be teased and taunted by my friends while I was being pleased.



When It Comes To Chastity, Be Careful What You Wish For!



At this point, I began to rub my pussy, thinking about all the big hard cock that was in my near future, and he climbed between my legs, just like he had every night for a month and began to fuck me! He knew better than to orgasm before his tease and denial mistress, so he worked steadily until he had pushed me to the edge and over into a blissful orgasm.

Then, he gave me two more! He was begging to orgasm, and I denied him, pushing him away and slapping his cock! He gasped as I pulled out his male chastity device, grinning from ear to ear!

A good tease and denial mistress will fulfill your fantasies when you least expect it, and you will learn to succumb to her cock teasing over and over on a daily basis, never knowing when or IF you will be allowed to orgasm! The best thing about these kinds of tease and denial games is that even though you may have to wait for what seems like extreme lengths of time, once your group of prick tease mistresses finally whisper those beautiful words and allow you to orgasm, you will experience the most intense orgasm that you could ever imagine!