Prostate Milking With Pass The Penis


Have you ever tried prostate milking as part of a pass the penis game?

As has been noted before, a Mistress has many different tools at her disposal for tease and denial games. This is especially true for the longer, more extended games. The more ways she can find to extend such games, the longer your torment will last, which will please your Mistress greatly!

Unfortunately, no matter how hard a man tries to avoid cumming without permission or how hard his Masturbatrix tries to prevent him from doing so, eventually, he will pass the point of no return. After that happens, there’s nothing either of them can do to stave off the inevitable orgasm. Thus, the point of Pass The Penis and other tease and denial games is to extend the time between beginning the game and reaching that point of no return for as long as possible.

Now, there are several ways to do this. One of the most common ones is through the use of orgasm edging. Edging is a form of masturbation in which the man brings himself to the “edge” of orgasm over and over, but never quite reaches that point of no return. Edging is an excellent way to extend a tease and denial session. It works so well because the man removes the stimulation which is rapidly bringing him to orgasm before the orgasm ever happens. Then, he can just wait until the need to cum passes before beginning again.


The Role of Prostate Milking


But, as is the case with all things, there comes a time when even edging fails. The human body can only take so much tension until something eventually gives way. So what can we do to relieve that tension without actually allowing a man to cum until his tease and denial game is finished?

The best thing we’ve found is using prostate milking to extend a tease and denial session. So what exactly is prostate milking? In order to best answer that question, we’ll first need to explain what the prostate is and what it does.

The prostate is a small gland that is located in the pelvic region, around the urethra. It secretes a viscous fluid that mixes with sperm when a man ejaculates. It also serves as a sort of storage facility for this fluid, saving it up inside until there is a need for it.

When a man ejaculates, there is always a lot more of this seminal fluid than sperm in his semen. Thus, when a man is being teased, it’s mostly fluid produced by the prostate that is building up inside him. What if there were a way to bleed off this excess fluid without actually allowing that man to ejaculate?

Guess what, boys? There is.


When Orgasm Edging Fails….


We can use prostate milking as a backup for when you absolutely cannot be edged any more without cumming. You or your Mistress can insert a finger inside your anus until the prostate (a small, walnut-shaped gland that can be felt on the rectal wall nearest the penis) is reached. Then, you or your Mistress can gently “milk” your prostate by moving a finger back and forth against it in a “come here” motion.

And what does that do exactly? The gentle massage will help push some of the seminal fluid out of the prostate gland via the penis. Because you have not yet orgasmed, the desire to cum will not dissipate, but the urgent need to relieve the pressure building inside will. If you’re milked long enough, you’ll be able to almost completely start over without ever having to cum to get relief!

Even better than that, you’ll still be incredibly frustrated. While prostate milking relieves the pressure of the building seminal fluid, it does not give you a satisfying release like ejaculation does. Therefore, you’ll still desperately want to cum, but you won’t be able to! It’s almost better than male chastity when it comes to keeping men like you in line. In fact, it’s often used in conjunction with chastity to keep men eternally frustrated and seeking a release that will never come….

So if you’ve ever wished you could last longer during a tease and denial session with a Femdom Mistress, we have only one thing to say: You should’ve been more careful about what you wished for!