Ruined Orgasm In A Tease And Denial Game


I have always loved tease and denial but now, tease and denial is just not the same without  a ruined orgasm. Let me explain.

In most of my experiences with Mistresses, I seemed to enjoy it more than they did. They were willing to tease me for a little while, but when it came to extended tease and denial sessions, it seemed like they would often lose interest. I was on my own in that respect, and I didn’t like it at all.

Eventually, though, I found a Masturbatrix–a woman who loved those long, drawn-out tease and denial sessions just as much as I did. I couldn’t believe my luck! No longer did I have to feel as if a Mistress was just humoring me in order to shut me up about what I wanted. I’d finally found someone whose dominant desires matched up with my submissive ones! It also didn’t hurt that she was beautiful, intelligent, funny, and interesting in other respects, either.

Together, we explored lots of different areas that we’d only fantasized about previously. But, as you can imagine, our favorite thing to do together was (and still is) tease and denial games.


Introducing New Tease and Denial Games


Mistress and I had a lot of fun introducing new and better tease and denial games into our playtime sessions. Typically, they became more complex as time went on and much, much harder for me to handle. I complained outwardly, but inside, I rejoiced, happy that I’d finally found someone who could give me exactly what I needed.

Somewhere along the line, my Femdom Mistress discovered the Pass The Penis game. When she first told me about it, I was really excited. I actually couldn’t wait to try out tease and denial phone sex with not only my lovely Mistress but also with her wonderful friends as well.

We arranged things so that I would engage in the Pass The Penis game while I was away one week on business. From the comfort and privacy of my hotel room, I gave Mistress a call and told her I was ready to begin. She laughed wickedly–a laugh I’d come to know and love. She was just as excited about this foray into the new tease and denial game as I was.


Different Tease and Denial and Ruined Orgasm Techniques


Mistress determined that the first Femdom I would talk to would be her friend, the bratty prick tease Coed, Mistress Chloe. Mistress Chloe teased and taunted me with her sexy voice, getting me nice and hard. She also giggled at my cock, which is something else I love. She got me all worked up in time for a chat with Mistress Monique.

Mistress Monique is an older lady with an interest in guided masturbation. She had me following all kinds of jerk-off instructions for her. I was dangerously close to shooting my load when she turned me over to Mistress Kristen.

Mistress Kristen is older than Mistress Chloe but younger than Mistress Monique. Her personal favorite form of tease and denial involves a lot of anal play. I guess you could call it a form of guided masturbation, like I experienced with Mistress Monique, but with Mistress Kristen, it was guided anal masturbation. My ass was worn out both literally and figuratively when she finished with me.

Finally, I ended up back on the phone with my own Mistress. She was delighted to hear about all the things her friends had done to me. I, on the other hand, was a little nervous about what was in store for me next. Would she have me run the gamut of her Femdom friends again, or would she take matters into her own hands, so to speak?

I didn’t have to wait long to find out. Mistress had me stroking myself for her. Harder and harder and harder, I stroked. My breathing grew short and rapid. My muscles began to tense. Still, Mistress didn’t order me to stop. Was she going to let me cum?

Right when I thought victory was at hand, Mistress said, “Right as you start to cum, I want you to put your finger over the little slit in the end of your penis and hold it tightly. Do NOT let any cum escape!”

Oh, no! I was in for a ruined orgasm.

I did as I was instructed, but I whined a lot. Mistress just laughed in sadistic glee and informed me that I was not allowed to masturbate again without her permission. Then, she hung up. After ruining my orgasm, I’ve been sitting here, frustrated and horny, for the last two hours, and I haven’t heard another thing from her. Talk about ruined orgasm tease and denial!