Sadistic Tease And Denial Games For Chaste Sub


I suppose I have kind of been into tease and denial games since….I don’t know, forever? I guess that I was really into the kind of power that it gave me in a way. Once I have a man’s cock rock hard, it’s as if I have him wrapped around my pinky. There is nothing that controls a man better than his dick. That is just the reason why I have mastered the Art of cock control. And why a group of my friends and I invented a tease and denial game.

It all started our second year in college; the four of us had all moved into a house together. We had all been really close for quite some time. We had always joked about having a “house slave boy.” We would talk at length about all the things we could have him do and we could all use him in various ways. We never really thought it was actually possible for such things to come into existence! Oh, but is it true!

We just had to learn how to utilize our feminine and seductive bodies and voices to our prominent advantage over men. It had always amused me as to how men were so weak around me–or any of my friends really. We all had exceptional bodies that made almost every man around lust after us.


Becoming Tease And Denial Mistresses


One late night after we had been drinking martinis for quite some time, we jokingly decided to put up a listing on Craigslist detailing exactly what we were looking for; we never really thought we would get a response, given how outrageous all of our “requirements” were! We were really shocked when a man actually showed up for his “interview” at a local diner with the four of us.

We could tell that he was clearly nervous in the presence of such dominant, demanding and gorgeous women. The tease and denial games started at that moment, even if we did not intend for it to.

We made it clear that he would be kept in male chastity during the duration of his stay with us and that part of the point of staying with us was to see exactly how long he could endure our pass the penis game. He was wide-eyed and looked both aroused and terrified at the thought.

As we sat in the diner, whispering quietly around our table about our plan, he was quietly admitting some of his deepest fantasies to us. He had admitted to us that the longer he was kept in male chastity and teased, the more submissive he became. At that point, we made plans for him to arrive at the house the next day.


The Extreme Cockteasing Begins


We had prepared for his arrival and waited excitedly for it, as we had planned on initiating a game of tease and denial before we ever even locked him into male chastity. As he finally walked in and down the long hallway, he finally came into the living room where he saw us all seated about in a very posh sitting area.

We all smiled deviously at him as he entered, and he was ordered to immediately strip nude for us. He had made the mistake of telling us that the biggest cock tease for him was to pair male chastity with his CFNM fetish! It just drove him wild to have to be nude in front of fully clothed gorgeous women; it was as humiliating as it was arousing for him, to be honest.

I took him gently by his already slightly aroused cock, and guided him up to my room. I was happy to start off our night of the pass the penis game, and I fully intended on having him so worked up it would be nearly impossible for him to keep from having an orgasm so early in the tease and denial games that he had so willingly agreed to. He thought it would be so easy to endure his time with his cocktease Princesses, but he had no clue exactly how hard it would be for him to hold out.

Do you think that you could endure a game of pass the penis with some of the hottest tease and denial Mistresses around? How long do you think that you could last? With every Mistress that you are passed to, the tease and denial will only intensify, forcing you to come closer and closer to orgasm. Can you hold out and endure our pass the penis tease and denial games?