Sensual Domination Tease And Denial Game


There are some men who crave to be dominated by the perfect group of sensual domination and erotic pass the penis Mistressess. Of course, every man thinks that he is “tough enough” or strong enough to handle the intense tease and denial that he will undergo. You may pick any length of time for your game to last, but do keep in mind that you must be UP for the challenge.

I think the best part of pass the penis is the sensual domination aspect of the game. I have always enjoyed being in charge of my boyfriends, and I guess that makes me a bit of a prick tease. I just love to have you experiment with new ways to masturbate and new sensations. There are so many things that we can play with during pass the penis as long as you are willing to let go of all your inhibitions and submit your will to a sensual femdom.


Submitting To Femdom’s Sensual Domination and Control


I bet you have wanted for so long now to just relax and give up control to a beautiful woman, allowing her and her group of friends to both tease and use you relentlessly. You would never know when or if you would be allowed to cum in this sensual domination game of pass the penis. Very few of the men who have submitted their wills to us has been able to hold off their orgasm for the length of time that they had once thought they could. You will instead be surprised that women who instruct you in a tedious game of pass the penis will push you to not just one orgasm, but multiple orgasms throughout this tease and denial game.

Sensual domination can encompass not just tease and denial, but also can open your eyes to a plethora of new experiences as you encounter each guided masturbation mistress and sensual femdom. You will be given new and inventive challenges that you must complete during each sensual domination session as you undergo a game of pass the penis. This is what makes your experience unique from any other and the build up that you get from frantically trying to complete your cock tease task so that you can, hopefully, draw nearer to your orgasm.


Obeying Multiple Mistresses


Perhaps your first sensual femdom will ask for you to find a pair of silk panties and pull them on over your already aroused cock. This will give you a whole new sensation as well as heighten your arousal and your mental alertness. You will not be able to think about anything but the sensations you are experiencing and the sound of your sexy and tempting sensual phone sex mistress. You will be told exactly how to touch yourself over the panties, causing your cock to twitch with arousal. Just as you are starting to get really aroused, your sensual femdom Goddess will send you to your next pass the penis Mistress….

Your second strict mistress will have a very special plan just for you, as she has been cooperating with both your first mistress and the dispatcher Mistress. She will already know that you are wearing a pair of silk panties and will immediately point out the fact that you are wearing panties. She will lightly taunt you and pick up where the first pass the penis mistress left off. She will allow you to become especially hard and aroused, and therefore weak to her requests. This is when she will tell you to go to your full-length windows and toss open the curtains, exposing yourself in your pink panties and, of course, your hard cock. Your arousal will intensify with the worry of being discovered. Just as you think you see someone out of the corner of your eye, you are sent back to the Dispatcher Mistress.


Pass The Penis Gets More Intense


You may close the curtains and hope that your next Mistress in the pass the penis game will not ask you to pick up where your last mistress left off, but you never know what is next in this little game, do you? You signed up for a very special phone sex adventure, and you will experience a wide variety of sensual domination during your time playing our little game.

You wouldn’t have much time before your third sensual femdom would answer the line, ready to engage all of your senses, to push you closer to the edge, but do you think you can handle this assault of gorgeous and seductive women? Are you ready for an experience in edging and sensual domination that you will never forget?