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Power ...

When it comes right down to it, power is a very simple word. Two syllables that can mean the difference between a normal stroke session where you cum, roll over and go to bed, and a session where you are stroking your cock and teasing your body for 4 or 5 different Mistresses. Each with Her own technique and expectations for what She wants to do to you. You don't even know if you are going to be allowed to cum ... but you love every second of it.

The rush of excitement that rolls through your body. That little tingle of anticipation as you wait to find out who the next Mistress in your game is ... Will She be kind and take pity on you ? Or will She be the Bitch who leaves you quivering, naked and wet in the corner as you beg for release ... only to be sent onto the next Mistress to learn your fate.

Power is the realm where you find Me. Occasionally kind ... usually understanding ... and always a Bitch. The things I expect you to do for me will leave you whimpering ... whether for release or for more is up to you ...

I'm waiting ...