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You think it's yours? You think you have any say in how you touch it, how you handle it? Of course not, silly pet. When you decided to come play with My friends and I, you gave up any claim of ownership you may have thought you had!

So, dear, have you played "Pass the Penis" before? Do you have any idea what is in store for you? I certainly do, but you will never know just exactly what sort of mood will strike Me when you are the victim . . . or, participant . . . in this delightful game. Will you be allowed to even touch yourself? Will we talk about the last real man I was with, one who had control of himself? Or will we count out strokes, or little tender touches that I may allow you to caress yourself with?

I am Empress Stephanie, and I am in no way predictable. You may think you will have a "happy ending" during our call - but that isn't guaranteed. The only guarantee I make is that I will enjoy teasing you, tormenting you, and toying with you. Have we met before? Have we spoken? Then you already know that while I seem very sweet and kind, I have a deliciously wicked side to Me that seemingly comes out of nowhere to wrap you up in My web, drawing you in and making you a part of My world, playing the game My way, and only wanting to please your Mistress.

Come on, pet, give us a call. Let My friends and I play with your penis. It just might be the most fun we (I mean you), have all night! We specialize in cock control, orgasm denial and teasing and denial. Call today!