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Have you ever imagined a room full of lovely women telling you how to stroke ( or not stroke) your penis? Have you wished for a bevy of beauties to laugh at you and mock your lack of manhood? Do you just enjoy variety, and changing up the tempo of your phonesex call? When you place a call to play Pass the Penis you will have your fantasy roleplay come true. You can ask for a particular theme, such as SPH or denial. The excitement comes from not truly knowing what each Mistress will do, how she will play with you.

You see me as sweet and sensual, but sometimes I truly delight in taking a walk on the dark side. That is a risk you take when you get passed to me during a round of pass the penis. Will I deny you? Cause you delightful pain? Or will it be pure pleasure? Obviously you get to set the tone of the call. You select the theme. Then you put yourself in the very capable hands of multiple Mistresses with their very own talented ways of bringing you the best kink has to offer. It just might be the most fun we (I mean you!) have all night!

Are you ready to play? Ready to have some fun? If you are hoping to get to know multiple Mistresses, or if you already know us and want to be passed around like a toy, pick up the phone and ask the lovely dispatcher to collect a group of Mistresses to play with you. You can select us yourself, or let us be chosen for you. Either way, it's sure to be a kinky good time!