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Hello, stroker! I see you like a challenge! Several Mistresses passing your penis. It is OUR toy to use as WE want, and you are at our mercy.

Are you sure you're up for it?

I like to be first, last, and anywhere in between. If I am first, don't expect me to be easy on you. I will torment and torture you. Your hand will be ON that penis and by the time we're done you will want to explode. But you won't, because I will not allow it. You have other Mistresses waiting to torment you!

If I'm in the middle, hehe, I love being in the middle, expect an especially tempting phone session where you will probably beg me to be the last. But, NO.

And, if I'm last, ohhhhh sweet release! Maybe ... maybe not. I am wicked, after all, so it's up to me, not you, whether I'll allow you to finally cum. Although, begging and pleading will help your case.

WHY ARE YOU STILL READING, STROKER??? Pick up the phone and set up your line of Mistresses. MAKE IT HAPPEN!