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For so long you have been controlled by the compulsion to masturbate and to cum whenever you feel like it. That is why pass the penis is the perfect game to teach you some control! I know that passing you around to other cock-teasing Mistresses will have your cock controlled in no time! Following each set of directions from each Mistress, and learning so many ways to keep your cock controlled but on the edge will certainly lead you to the most amazing and explosive orgasms ever.

You need many Mistresses, to arouse you, deny you, and repeat until we are ready to allow a release or tell you to wait until tomorrow. You will learn control with us! How long can you last?

Come on and start playing the pass the penis game! Call me now at 800-356-6169 so I can start you off my way! We Mistresses will blissfully torment your cock and keep you coming back for more!