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I just love games! Especially when they involve YOUR horny cock! Or perhaps you are a sissy and need someone to play with that sissy dick. I love that too!

Either way. I am all for getting in on some naughty "Pass the Penis" fun (at your horny cock's expense of course!) *giggles* Oh the fun WE will have!

There is nothing better than knowing that you are being passed around from beautiful Mistress to another. I find the state of your arousal very exciting! I love knowing that when you come to me all throbbing from being put through the paces, your full balls will be mine for the teasing!

You can always start your game off on the right stroke by making ME the first Mistress you talk to. Uh-oh! Can you handle it? I am going to be such a prick tease to you! You will stroke that cock for me, which I find so VERY entertaining and HOT, knowing how horny you are! Tee-hee and you are just getting started! I will have a bit of smug satisfaction when I pass you off to the next Mistress, knowing that I just left you with balls full of cum and a dick that is hornier than ever!

Or perhaps you will have me join in somewhere in the middle of the game.That's fine too, because it's fun knowing that other Mistresses have been toying with you and getting you all worked up, only to be passed onto me! I am such a cock tease! Are you going to be able to handle my wicked, cockteasing ways?

And of course you always have the option of having me finish you off. Ha ha ha ha... Don't read too much into that last sentence! Ha ha ha It's my cute way of saying, "Maybe you just want to save the best for last!" By no means did I mean that you were going to cum just because I am the last Mistress you talk to. Tee-hee... Aw, I bet those balls are so achy and full of cum for me. I love it!

Regardless of where you have me join you in your sexy game of Pass the Penis, I am going to show you a fun time! I look forward to toying with you!

Oh, and if you want to get on cam during your round of Pass the Penis. I would love to watch! Please arrange that before you call. I don't want to waste any time having fun with your cock.

I will wrap you around my finger!

Ms. Andi~