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You've decided to join our penis party? To be the main playing piece in a game of Pass the Penis?

Are you sure? Positive? Certain? You know; once you start playing Pass the Penis; any control you thought you had is completely gone. You will be helpless. Every aspect of your pleasure and of your denial will be up to US. We will OWN your penis. Using you and it as our personal play things. Giggling and talking amongst each other about our plans for your penis and for the ultimate decision.

One mistress may have you stroke for her 100 times without cumming! Another may take mercy on you and let you stroke nice and slowly with lube. Another, perhaps myself, will force you to fuck your spit covered fist until you are begging me to let you cum! Perhaps you will have a break down and cry hysterically as a mistress has you sit on your hands and sing the star spangled banner instead of stroking! Ha! Ha! Ha! You will do what we say, when we say it, how we say it, and as often as we say it!

Go ahead stroker boy. Sign up to play. How many mistresses do you think you can take? Can you even take one? You get to decide this part of the party and this part only. The rest is completely up to US.

Let's play. I don't care if I'm first or if I'm last as long as I get my turn playing with that penis!