2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+ / Billing


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It's time to run the gauntlet, stroke slave.

Maybe you're a compulsive masturbator who's looking to truly test his stamina. Maybe you belong to a Mistress, and she's ordered you to offer yourself up for the amusement of many of us in succession. Perhaps you need to be punished for some misdeed, or your penis is so small and pathetic that the only way you should ever be allowed to cum is if you earn it through sustained and brutal training. Or maybe you simply respond best to the humiliation that comes from the cruel laughter of a dominant woman who has no compassion for your desire to cum.

What ever the reason you've decided to play our little game, I hope you will consider including me in the gauntlet you must run. I adore the quick-and-dirty aspect of a ten minute tease and denial session before conducting you, moaning with desperation, to your next Femdom playmate, as well as the more protracted periods of extreme cockteasing that you will share with me should you choose to speak to me first, or conclude the game with me in the hopes that I will have been pleased enough with your performance that I will allow you to finally release the agonizing pressure in your balls.

Lube up, stroke slave. It's time to play!