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I know it is a common fantasy men have to be with at least two women. It would stand to reason that the more women present, the better a man's chance of getting lucky, right? You will get lucky all right.

My girlfriends and I love to pass a guy around. We love stroking games. Do you? Oh , come on! Stroke it for a slooow count of twenty for me. Just like that. Perfect. No cumming though until you get all the way around the circle. Passing your penis, from one girlfriend to the next is so much fun for me to watch. They get so excited to jerk and squeeze it.

Of course, you pull back a little when they touch an extremely sensitive part behind your balls. It didn't take long for you to realize that this is not the kind of fun you had in mind. Endlessly stroking for a bunch of women with pants on the floor is a little daunting. The excitement of them watching, as you pump a throbbing prick is undeniable. It makes your balls tighten a little bit , huh? Once you get through with all the hoops we need you to jump through, then and only then can you orgasm. For now, we're going to keep passing around your penis.