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Do you remember sex games as a teenager? Seven Minutes in Heaven? Spin the Bottle? Well, sex games take on a whole new meaning as an adult. Playing Pass the Penis with a line of Mistresses is a deliciously crazy game where you are the spinner in the middle.

When you call to play, you can either choose the Mistresses you want in your line-up or you can let the Dispatcher choose for you. It is way big fun for us Mistresses, however you want to do it.

So, there you are, on the other end of the phone with me and I get to tease the holy fuck out of you for ten whole minutes. What could I do in a measly ten minutes? Oh, dear man... I can torment you mercilessly, bring you so close to orgasm that you will beg me in a whimpering voice to permit you to shoot your load. You tell me it doesn't matter you have three other Mistresses waiting for you, that you NEED to cum NOW. I just laugh and order you not to orgasm. You will damn well wait for the last Mistress to decide if you can cum or not.