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How would you like to stroke for me? Does the suggestion of masturbating for me make your cock and balls tingle? Stroking your dick, for a beautiful, sensual woman while she teases and taunts you, without ever touching you, can be a very intense journey of your senses.

Now, let's turn things up a notch. How about, a beautiful woman, guiding you as you stroke your cock... and then just as you're beginning to get deep into the moment, feeling the sensation of your cock throbbing to the sound of her voice, she makes you stop, and then passes you off to one of her friends, so that she can tease you.

And let's just say, that this continues to happen. One woman, right after the other, making you stroke, and stroke, and tease your cock, and then denying you, right before you are about to cum. Finally, you get to the very last temptress, and it is in her hands - literally and figuratively - as to whether or not you get a happy ending.

Playing pass the penis with me and my girlfriends can be a very intense experience. It could be 3 of us, tormenting your cock and then denying you, or.. you could choose 6, 10, 20 women to play with your dick, edging, and stroking until you beg for release. I love to tease, and I would love to play with, and pass around your cock until you're delirious. How much do you think you can handle?