The Girls In My Dorm Pass My Penis


I love living in my college dorm. The girls love to pass my penis!

My parents always told me that living in the dorm would be more fun than having an apartment. I didn’t believe them and fought long and hard to have my own place. But, since they were paying my way, they won this argument and I moved into the dorm in the fall of my freshman year. I soon realized that my parents were right because I did have lots more fun. It was just the way I had fun that they couldn’t have imagined.

I was sitting with a group of friends at the on campus restaurant when we were approached by a several beautiful women. After a few introductions, the woman said that they were having a special kind of party in their dorm and they wanted to invite just a few guys to attend. They said that it wasn’t a practical joke or anything like that and that we would enjoy it if we decided to go to the party.

Then they gave us the date, time and location of this get together. It was going to be held in one of the girl’s rooms on the second floor of our dorm. My friends and I asked for more details, but the girls said they couldn’t give any more details out and again reassured us that it wasn’t going to be a practical joke of any kind.

After the girls left, my friends and I talked it over and decided to go, at least for a little while. What could possibly go wrong? There were three of us and we felt that together we would be able to handle or stop or get away from anything, if need be.


A Mysterious Party


The pass my penis party was the main topic of conversation between us in the days leading up to the actual event. The women had asked us not to tell anyone else about it because their dorm rooms were small and they were afraid that they would run out of room as well as food and drinks before the end. They were adamant that this would not be a good situation for this kind of party. So we agreed not to say anything to anyone about it.

We arrived at the party right on time. We were all under legal drinking age, so we brought with us a twelve pack of soda and a bag of potato chips. We were also kind of nervous because we still didn’t know what was going to happen at this “special kind of party” these girls that we didn’t know had planned. This feeling didn’t improve when we realized that we were the only three guys invited. After a little chit chat, the girls casually told us to take all our clothes off. Now we knew that we were in trouble. I headed for the door to leave.


Pass My Penis: An Unbelievable Experience


One of the girls stopped me and told me that it wasn’t a joke and that I would regret leaving after I heard from my friends what had actually happened. She whispered in my ear what they had planned. I couldn’t believe what I heard and had her repeat it. A pass the penis game! Oh, my God, they were going to each take turns playing with and stroking our cocks! Needless to say, I stayed at the party and had an incredibly good time. The girls were true to their word.

They introduced us to the fantastic game of pass the penis. The girls made us all strip and stand in of them. We had no control after that. They each stroked us for a while and then stopped and switched places and continued to stroke the next guy. It was like some fantastic sexual fantasy come to life. It went on for what felt like hours and none of us were allowed to actually cum until the very end of the night. We left the dorm room almost too exhausted to stand, but we were happy and very satisfied. Before we left, we made plans with the girls to play pass the penis on a regular basis.

We have all met every couple of weeks since that first time. It has just remained a secret between the six of us. It is great and I wouldn’t change anything, but it does make it hard (no pun intended!) to have a girlfriend. There’s no way I’m going to stop playing with the girls, but I can’t just tell some other girl I’m interested in about it. Well, I guess having a girlfriend will have to wait, won’t it? After all, who would want to stop this excitement? Ladies, pass my penis again now, please!