The Joys of Pass the Penis


Stroking is fun, you know it and I know it but let’s talk about the joys of pass the penis!

Having that cock in your hand and really being able to stroke and get off is exciting. Even more exciting is having someone there to walk you through the stroking. That’s why you have a guided masturbation Mistress, who will let you stroke for her.

She will talk you through the games and even make up new ones to keep you on your toes so to speak. You love stroking games even more than stroking alone and once again we know that. So, how can this teasing stroking game be even more fun? We asked ourselves that one day, not so long ago (but long enough that you have been missing out if you haven’t tried it!) and we came up with the perfect answer!

A new game. A game just for LDW/Enchantrix and our naughty stroker men. A game where you get to have not only one Mistress to guide your stroking, but many! Oh, and we don’t mean all at once, where they come up with one fun game (though we do that, too!), we mean that we will pass you around from one Mistress to another! Here are a few reasons you should try it!


The Joys of Pass the Penis: You Don’t Have to Choose


The first of the joys of pass the penis is simple and obvious! All the gorgeous Mistresses! We have so many incredibly hot ladies that we know it is nearly impossible to choose. So, with Pass the Penis, you don’t have to pick at all. You can have time with ten different ladies if you like. One after the other after the other.

When you are wishing to have someone guide you with your stroking and can’t decide if you need strict or sensual, brunette or blonde or a hot spicy red head, with Pass the Penis, you don’t have to choose! In fact, that is one of the next things that you will love about this game. Even with all the choices available, instead of picking, we will happily surprise you with a variety of Mistresses!

You won’t know who is coming up next or what they are going to do. This is the ultimate in game play when you know that there are twenty perfect women available and no clue which three, four or ten of those you will be talking to or in what order.

As if those two reasons weren’t enough, besides all the many different looks and voices, you have the added pleasure of never having a chance to get bored or grow accustomed to the style of one Mistress!

Instead your penis is passed from one Mistress to another and what she chooses to do with it, or tell you to do with it, is always new. We are all very different and never come up with the same games twice, so don’t expect to know what any Mistress, even one you talk with all the time is going to have in store for you.

After all, you know we all talk and play together, so just imagine one Mistress telling you that you can’t come unless you edge twenty times, you can’t lie to the next and say it’s ten times, because we will ask each other and share all that information. And of course, you will be in more trouble for lying, but maybe you want that.


You’ll Never Forget It


After all, part of the joys of playing pass the penis is seeing how much you can take. Are you able to make it through each and every available to you Mistress without disappointing anyone? How much stroking can you take? Can you handle what we will do to and with you? This is all part of the game.

Holding off to enjoy the time you will have with each and every Mistress. You don’t want to miss out on talking to anyone, but you do want that happy ending. Right? Or maybe you are going to let us decide that well. We can pass your penis around for as long as you can stand it, or maybe even just a little bit longer than that. Then when you know you can’t possibly take it a moment more, it’s time for the final Mistress.

She laughs and teases and plays with you and as the time winds down you feel yourself getting closer and closer to release. Maybe you get that happy ending, maybe you don’t. Maybe you have to wait until the last second or just learn that you can’t always cum when you want. No matter how it ends you will never regret playing and you’ll never forget the joys of pass the penis, either!