The Pass the Penis Appointment


I’ve got to tell you about my pass the penis appointment!

The strangest Pass the Penis experience I’ve ever had was with the nurses at my doctor’s office. It was shockingly intense and fun because it was so unexpected and out of place. I went for my yearly physical with my regular doctor. I had been a patient of his for many years new most of the nurses on his staff pretty well. One was even an old girlfriend of mine.

I usually put off my physical for as long as I could, but I had just gotten a new job that required me to have a health screening. So I went in as soon as I could get an appointment. The examination went off without a hitch and my doctor told me that I was healthy as far as he could tell, but he wanted to do a complete blood panel just to make sure. I said great and he gave me the necessary paperwork and told me to go to the local hospital the next day before I ate anything for a blood draw.

Around seven thirty the next morning I went into the hospital waiting room. I was hungry and had a slight “I haven’t had my normal pot of coffee yet” headache. The blood draw was quick and painless. This probably had more to do with the fact that the nurse poking me was a cute little blond with a great ass under her scrubs.

I was flirting with her until she told me that she and her husband were going out to dinner that night. I hate getting shot down like that. Luckily I didn’t start flirting with her until after she had drawn the blood and was taping my arm up.


The Strange Call From My Ex


As I was leaving she told me that my results would be sent to my doctor’s office and they should be calling me with them in a few days. Then she smiled at me and said that she would’ve gone out with me without a doubt if she wasn’t already married. Somehow, that statement didn’t make me feel any better about it.

I didn’t think of the blood test again that day. The next time I thought about it was the next afternoon when my ex called me to tell me to come in to get the results. She told me the best time to come in was after work, when the office was empty and quiet.

She laughed and said it would be better for me to come in then because “I would have lots of time to soak in the experience.” I didn’t know what she meant by this and wanted her to clarify, but I was late for an office meeting and just told her that I would be there after I left work.

True to my word, I was walking in door of the doctor’s office at 5:45. I sat in the molded plastic chair and watched as a middle aged woman cried and begged the office nurses for pain medication. The security guard hustled her out the door as he left for the day and locked the door behind both of them.


Pass the Penis Appointment: Getting More Than Just Results


One of the nurses came and led me into one of the exam rooms. She told me to undress and that someone would be with me in a moment. I told her that there must have been some mistake because I was here for test results only, not another exam. She just told me again to undress because something needed to be rechecked and then she left the room.

I shrugged and wondered what she was talking about. I undressed completely then saw that she hadn’t left me a sheet. Damn. I covered my cock with my discarded pants and waited.

My ex-girlfriend came in first and knelt in front of me. She smiled at me silently as she leaned in to put her mouth on my cock. I let out a strangled cry of surprise and wondered what the hell was going on. I asked her this and she stopped sucking and said that this was her gift to me.

The blood work was all fine and I would get a clean bill of health for my new employer. Then she went back to sucking my cock sexily. As she talked she had taken off her top and bra and was now rubbing her nipple on my thigh. I was just about to cum when another nurse walked in only her panties. My ex stopped and let the new nurse stroke my cock slowly, not letting me cum at all.

As it turned out three other nurses in various stages of undress joined us in that exam room and each blew my mind away completely. I had a great time at that pass the penis appointment and now I never miss a chance to get a physical.