The Pass the Penis Tradition


I want to talk about the Pass the Penis Tradition my friends and I have.

I have a group of friends that I’ve had since my first year in college. We are really close and like to have lots of naughty fun. We became famous in college for playing “pass the penis” with groups of drunk, but very willing, guys at parties. The guys never complained and we always had such a good time. We played this game all through college and beyond. Whenever we were together at any kind of get together where there were men, there was always potential for a game.

The first time we decided to play this game was at an extension of a packed frat party. The place was so packed that night that my friends and I ended up on the back lawn of the frat house, facing the Atlantic Ocean. We were out there together with a small group of other party castoffs.

Bored and slightly drunk, we looked around for something to do. We started talking to some guys and kind of making out and one thing lead to another and somewhere in that time we all decided to play pass the penis. The frat guys all stood in a row with the four of us girls kneeling in front of them. One of us would stroke one cock for a while and then move down the line. It was fun and very sexy and a hell of a turn on for all of us.

After that night we all got “fan mail” from all the guys that were involved and even some that weren’t and all of them hoped that we would do it again sometime. We started doing it at parties and it became a tradition.


Adults Playing Games


After college, the four of us were in the same town for a while and would play pass the penis when the opportunity arose. But then we began to go our separate ways. Since it was something that we did together, none of us wanted to keep playing it either alone or with other women. So we all stopped.

Until last summer…It had been ten years since college and five years since we were all in the same city at the same time. We’d decided to go out and relive the good ole days. There were four of us and we’re all still gorgeous. In our group there is something for every taste.

I’m a redhead; there is also a blond, another redhead and finally one with black hair. All of us are tall and leggy. Two of us are lawyers, one is doing her residency and one is an English Professor at a community college. We found ourselves together in a large city far from home and wanted to have some fun.

We decided to go to the beach. Men are much more willing and able to pull their cocks out on the beach than, say, in a crowded nightclub, for obvious reasons. We started out as we usually did, finding a group of guys that were friends.

It is easier and more comfortable for a group of friends to do a circle jerk than a group of strangers. The guys were drinking, but were not totally shitfaced yet, which is good. They don’t get hard and cum as good if they are totally wasted and they tend to get angry and rant when they can’t enjoy what we’re doing to the fullest.


Pass the Penis Tradition: Starting the Game Again


After talking awhile, we brought up the subject of why we were on the beach. We told the guys what we were there to do. They were a little shocked by the revelation, but also very excited. They all agreed to take part in our little game of pass the penis.

We discussed going to a more secluded area and one of the guys said that he owned the part of the beach attached to his house that was in walking distance. He said it was a really secluded private property.

We walked over together and soon all of the guys were in a line with their swim trunks down around their ankles. It was so much fun and sooo sexy. Those guys stroking their cocks in unison all for us was something I know I’ll never forget.

The four of us were again on our knees in front of them helping them and saying how we wanted them to stroke. We all went down the line of cocks three times each before they came. Everyone had such a good time that all of us, the guys included, decided to meet here every summer in the same place for a game of pass the penis. Now, it’s a pass the penis tradition!