Types Of Pass The Penis


Many people may *think* that a game like pass the penis would be fairly straightforward, with no real surprises. If you come into a game of pass the penis with that attitude, then you will be surprised by what you find that you will experience.

As you know, this is a special game of tease and denial, where you will be required to please and follow the instruction of not one, not two, but several or many cock tease Mistresses. I am sure you already know the feelings of being teased by one or two various Mistresses at any given time…just imagine what it’ll be like when we add more!

Now, let’s assume that you have a grasp on the general idea of the pass the penis game and that you are mentally prepared to serve a group of Mistresses. This tease and denial game can vary in a number of ways, and no two games are quite the same, even though they are grouped into general themes, so to speak.

The game of pass the penis can be exceptionally simple, but can also be a intricate, drawn out and complex. This game is more of a true challenge than the normal guided masturbation marathon.

Don’t get me wrong, masturbation marathon is a great way to work up to something that can be truly intense, like the game of pass the penis. It all really depends on what you have in mind as you come to your Dispatcher.

Do you want the normal, fairly vanilla sensual tease and denial; are you looking for a group of ruthless prick teases? Maybe you want to intertwine some domination and humiliation? Do you have a fetish for male chastity and wonder how that could be incorporated into your game of pass the penis?


Vanilla & Sensual Pass the Penis


Every man has experienced mild tease and denial at some point, which has probably led him to have fantasies about multiple women teasing him and bringing him sexual pleasure. If you have ever had a fantasy about being teased by a group of sexy women, then you will love pass the penis.

In a vanilla game of pass the penis, you will experience the sensual seduction and cock tease from the perfect group of tease and denial mistresses. You will be instructed on how and when to stroke your cock, and, no matter which cock tease you are speaking to, you are assured to have intense feelings of arousal as you follow the directions of each one.

Prick Tease Marathon


The pass the penis marathon has many of the same features as vanilla pass the penis, but adds in a bit of a unique challenge. You are asked to pick out a specific length of time–the longer the time frame is, the harder the challenge will be. You will then be at the will of your Dispatcher Mistress.

She will plot your very own masturbatory demise with some of the hottest and most electric pass the penis Mistresses. You will be challenged to hold off your orgasm ’til the very end of your allotted time. Do not think this will be an easy task because each of your Mistresses will be sure to push you right to your limit over and over again.



This game was developed for the truly submissive male, for the male who desires to serve and to please each and every one of his sensual Femdoms. It will at times be overwhelming as all of the sensations start to flood throughout your body causing you to feel more aroused than you have ever felt.

You will be forced to take control your orgasm and pushed to your sexual limits. You will not only be directed in just guided masturbation, but you will also be led through a journey of your own fetishes and kinky desires, all while you are trying so hard to hold off your imminent orgasm.

Each and every game of pass the penis is crafted to match your own personal taste in women, fetishes, and, in some cases, based upon your previous performance in pass the penis. This is a unique masturbation and tease and denial challenge.

The challenge is never exactly the same the next time you come back for the experience; it grows and changes with you and your own desires. Pass the penis is perfect for those working to learn orgasm control and to improve their stamina.